Telecom VOIP Services for Your Business

What is The Big Switch Off in 2025?

Millions of businesses and organizations across the United Kingdom rely on the digital and analogue network infrastructure provided by Openreach for telecommunication services. The project to switch off digital and analogue services is already underway.

So it’s crucial to prepare for the switch.

As such, many businesses have already transitioned to VoIP (Voice-over-IP) or hybrid services and systems, with 75% of UK SMEs having already made the switch. This transition will ensure businesses can continue to operate and communicate effectively without relying on the existing network infrastructure.

To prepare for the switch-off, it’s recommended that businesses evaluate their communication options and plan accordingly to minimize disruption. This may involve upgrading their systems, adopting new technologies, or switching to a new service provider.

What is The Big Switch Off? 

Millions of businesses and organizations in the United Kingdom currently rely on the digital and analogue network infrastructure for their telecommunication services. However, in 2025, Openreach will be shutting down this network, which will have a significant impact on these entities. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how this change will affect you and your business, and to start considering your options as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, 75% of UK SMEs have already adopted VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) or hybrid services and systems in preparation for the upcoming “Big Switch Off” in 2025.

Will my broadband and telephone service be affected?

Traditional Fibre Optic Broadband and Legacy Broadband both rely on analogue lines, which will become obsolete when Openreach switches off the analogue network infrastructure in 2025. Therefore, if you use these services, you will need to transfer your telephone number to a VoIP system that can work with new telephone equipment. One of the major benefits of VoIP is that it allows calls to be made over broadband, eliminating the need for a separate telephone line. This can result in significant savings on monthly bills for businesses. Additionally, VoIP offers features that are not available with traditional phone systems, such as call recording and mobile softphones.

Do we need to change our telephone equipment?

Yes – If you’re planning to transfer your telephone number to VoIP, you will need to switch to internet-based telephone equipment for making and receiving calls after the transition is complete. However, this change can help you save money on your business phone system. With the new telephone equipment, you will have access to all the necessary features to give your business a professional appearance. Moreover, compared to older analogue and digital phone systems, VoIP is a more cost-effective option.